Comparing Wiha, Bondus and Free Precision Screwdriver Sets,

Screwdriver Set Free Offer

We are offering a great little, free screwdriver set when you sign up to get our newsletter. It has six separate screwdrivers.  They are easy to use.   You can put your index finger on the end which rotates and then turn the screwdriver with your thumb and middle finger. This grip is a lot more secure a lot easier to use than turning the whole screwdriver on something this small.

I mostly use mine to tighten the screws on eyeglasses or to open the battery compartments on kids’ toys. This is a really nice quality set.  In all honesty it is not at the same quality level as the more expensive Wiha and Bondhus screwdriver sets we sell but then this is a lot less money.

If you don’t have something like this around the house you really should get one. I keep mine in the bathroom drawer to repair my eyeglasses. I checked with the customer service reps and it seems they generally keep this kind of thing in the junk drawer in the kitchen. But they do want you to know that their junk drawer is really not full of junk but is mostly important odds and ends.

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