Custom Knives

A beautiful, little, custom-made, sheath knife

Custom knife made by Junko FongCustom

Custom Knives

We were in the custom knife business for a few years. We supplied a very special alloy that we had Mitsubishi made for us. Then the steel market went crazy and Mitsubishi didn’t want to make it for us anymore.

In those few years I learned something about custom knives. Custom knives are incredibly beautiful and can be a real bargain. I’m enclosing a picture of two of my favorite knives.  One is a small, straight knife and the other is an obsidian knife with an antler handle.

I bought both of these knives at Eugene, Oregon knife show. It is April 9 and 10th of 2011. They’re going to have 420 exhibitors there.  Many of these are going to be custom knife makers.  You can wander around

Custom-made knife from volcanic glass

Obsidian knife with antler handle

and look at the knives. There is usually a small admission charge but you don’t have to buy anything.

Warning, the knife makers make a bunch of custom knives to bring to the show.  Those who get there first, have the best selection.  It is not unusual for knife makers to sell out Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon. I have been there is an exhibitor and I have seen people come through the door first thing and run down the aisle to get a knife from their favorite knife maker.You can probably buy a knife of equal utility from a hardware store for less money. However these knives are very beautiful and exquisitely well-made.

If you can, I urge you to attend a knife show.  A couple hours on a Saturday ought to do it.

The only number I have for the Oregon show is Elayne Ellingsen 541-484-5564. Their website is

We no longer sell custom knives or custom knife alloy because we cannot get it.  The only reason I’m doing this post is because these are really cool tools and I don’t think enough people know about them.

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