Father’s Day Gifts that any DIY Dad Will Love

It’s coming up on that time of the year again.  The time of year that we rack our brains trying to figure out what dad really wants and then finally settle on a “Best Dad” coffee mug or another blue tie.  Why not really surprise dad this year with a gift that he can really use and will actually love.  We’re not saying he didn’t love the “Best Dad” coffee mug, we’re just saying it may be time to change things up and really surprise him with a gift that will have him thinking of you every time he uses it.

We have some great gift ideas for the DIY Dad’s out there.  Whether it’s woodworking tools for the shop or hand tools for around the house, we have some great gifts that will make Dad’s day special without breaking the bank.

1. I have too many clamps…  Said no DIY Dad EVER!


We have great deals on Clamps from Bessey Tools or Woodpecker.  These clamps are sure to make working on his next project a breeze.  Everyone knows when working on bigger projects, 4 hands are better than two.  Clamps will help Dad finish his projects faster and with ease.   Give Dad some Bessey clamps to help free up his hands and his time.  We recommend our most popular selling Bessey clamps- The Bessey K Body Revo Jr, starting at just $63.11* for a pair.

*These are current prices as of June 2015.  prices may vary over time.



2.  Give your Dad a hand, or protect the ones he has…


Give Dad a cutting edge on all his woodworking projects while keeping him safe with Micro Jig’s Push blocks.  Micro Jig makes the most innovative products that give more precise cuts while keeping the user’s hands safe from sharp and dangerous woodworking equipment like table saws and routers.  If the Dad in your life is an avid woodworker, then Micro Jig’s push blocks are sure to be on his wish list.  Micro Jig GRR-Ripper push blocks are starting at $24.95* or upgrade to the 3-D Push Block system with advanced features for only $59.00*.

*These are current prices as of June 2015.  Prices may vary over time.



3.  If there’s not enough room in the tool box, then It’s probably just time for a bigger toolbox.

wiha 80 pc Electrician tool set

If your dad would agree with the above statement then why not shop our Wiha Hand Tools.  Save on all hand tools like screwdriver sets, wrenches, socket sets, pliers, cutters, and hex keys.  All our hand tools are made from quality steel, are ISO certified and guaranteed to last.  Give Dad tools he can count on as much as you count on him.  Psst…  Shop our Sale Section for great prices on great tools that will have you and Dad grinning from ear to ear.



4.  “That’s not a knife, This IS a knife”


If your dad shares the same warm fuzzy feeling for sharp objects as Crocodile Dundee, then a SOG knife may be right up his alley.  SOG is located in Lynwood, WA and makes absolutely incredible knives and multi tools.  SOG got their start by making knives for the Navy Seals and Special Forces.  They have greatly expanded their line of knives for use in hunting, tactical and outdoors.  Outfit your Dad or your favorite everyday hero with a SOG Knife or multi tool.  Want to make it even more special?  Get your tool engraved with his name or a special message just from you.

vulcan     SOG Multi-Tool


5.  Eat my dust…  Saw dust that is.


If the Dad in your life spends a great deal of time with his router or table saw, he might really enjoy a new Router Bit set or Saw Blade.  Save on American made Router bits and router bit sets that will keep dad happily making his woodworking plans come to life.  Or bring new life to his table saw by getting him a brand new saw blade.



6.  Needs more Power…

more power

Is your dad is a tool lover that can’t get enough power?  Give Dad a Power Tool from Triton.  Triton Power tools makes award winning routers, laser-guided circular saws, cordless drivers, and more.  The Triton 20V Impact Driver will satisfy the Tim the Toolman Taylor inside any Dad and will complete all his DIY projects inside and out.  Choose from many other great Triton Power Tools all at very competitive prices.

Triton tools


7.  Seeing Red…


If precision and quality are at the top of Dad’s list for the tools he buys, then he’ll love the Woodpecker’s router Accessories product line.  Woodpecker’s precision Squares and layout Tools are precision ground on state-of-the-art machinery using aircraft grade aluminum steel and anodized in Woodpecker’s trademark red coating for superior tool protection.  Woodpecker’s can outfit Dad’s shop with every router accessory he needs, including router lifts, rules, straight edges, clamps, and many other innovative tools that make dad’s projects easier and fun.


If you are pretty crafty yourself, why not make something for Dad.  Gifts made by you are always extra special.  Dad will appreciate the time and thought that went into it, even if it looks like this…



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