Fishing Trip 2014

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I am excited to share with you some of the highlights from our annual fishing trip to Westport, Washington.  In the first picture you can see we had a huge turn-out, apparently we know a lot of friends and business associates who love to fish. In fact LOVE it so much they are willing to show up on a cold, Sunday morning at 4:30 (well, most of us were on time).

Armed with determination, coolers and doughnuts provided by Paul DuClose, we began our all-day adventure aboard the Tequila Too. Captain Ken navigated the choppy waters with ease straight to our destination in the Pacific Ocean. The weather was beautiful, clear and crisp with a mixture of  blues and purples on the horizon.

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We started off with bottom fishing first….

DSCN3008                         DSCN3025

Followed by salmon fishing…..

DSCN3018                           DSCN3003

And boy did we catch a lot of fish!!!

DSCN3024      DSCN3012    DSCN3026


DSCN3021   By the end of the trip some of us decided to take a nap on the way back.


DSCN3020   But some took the advantage of the down time to catch up.

All in all it was a wonderful opportunity to get out on the ocean, catch up with old friends, enjoy a healthy dose of competition, and agree to do it again next year!

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