Free – Tool Industry Newsletter

Free – Tool Industry Newsletter

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Primarily geared to Saw Filers in mills, pro level saw shops and others at the top of the carbide tool industry.

Also has good jokes, and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Here are the headlines from this month’s issue. 

A young filer with a great question

How We Help People

2nd Annual Mike West Saw Filer Fishing Trip -Westport,WA

New Promo Item

ISKA Meeting – March 1 inNashville

Get a custom hammer at a discount

Top Quality Carbide at the Very Best Prices Anywhere

Free Saw Filer Advertising

How Can We Spend So Much More Money Helping You Than The Big Boys?

Notes from the WSFEA – Western Saw Filers Educational Association meeting Sept. 2012

Bohler Uddeholm Steel –

Neal Davis on hammering saws

Scott Emmert of SawPro,Inc.

Rob Woods – Simonds

Norm Brown of Simonds

Saw Filer Training Programs

We have a copy of the BC Training Outline and are happy to share it.

Ripped Shoulders


Amps to Horsepower

The Art of Manliness

The Ex-wife

Update and correction on the M-1 Garand

Civilian Marksmanship Program

ISKA (International Knife and Saw) Meeting

New Promo Item

Wood Machining Institute Seminar

Timber Processing & Energy Expo

Chinese Carbide

Can you afford to have a salesman call on you at your mill?

If you can use the phone

Testing Finished Saws and Tools

Hit It with a Stick Good and Bad

All We Ask Is Your Carbide Business

Ole….. A born salesman

If you are really serious about your ice cream

Ambrose The Penguin

Super “C” Carbide Grade

Updated rough mill simulator tool ROMI 4.0 released

We support the right of women to wear bikinis fishing

Venison vs. Beef: The controversy is FINALLY settled..!

Congress Popularity

Sawfiler Education

Free Sawfiler Advertising

Sawfiler Jobs

Sell Scrap and Sludge Now!

Speakers Wanted For Saw Filer

New Promo Item

10% Discount on great tools


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