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Yes, we have some Free (no strings attached, actually free) tools to give away.  We had purchased several dozen ALVIN 4″ drafting triangles to send out as a free gift with orders or for a promotion.  We sent these little drafting triangles to get our company name imprinted on them.  Unfortunately, the imprinting job on some of them was a little smudged.  Tom, being very conscious about product quality doesn’t want to send these out with the orders becasue of the way the imprinting looks.  He really isn’t kidding when he says that the quality of the product is important and he only sells (or gives away) top quality products that meet his high expectations.  In fact, we all work pretty hard to make sure everything we sell has meets the highest standards in quality. 

 That being said, we still have a several dozen 4″ drafting triangles, and the actual quality of the triangles is great, just not printing.  These little triangles need a home.  If you don’t mind the smudged printing on them then we would be happy to send one to you, and we’ll enven cover the shipping.  Email me at with your name and address and I’ll send one out to you. 

If a triangle is not what your looking for, we also have other free tools on our website.  You can choose a free gift to be sent out with your order, or receive a free gift for registering for our weekly email.  We do not share your information with anyone, and our weekly email is just another way to find out about sales and receive coupons for use in our store.  You can take a look at the Free tools we have for registering on our site.


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