Golden Retriever Hot Spots

The office dog

Lucky, the dog

Golden Retriever Hot Spots

Lucky, the dog, is a Golden Retriever.

He is one of those breeds that gets ‘hot spots’. These are sores under all their fur.  The sores itch and burn so the dogs start chewing on them and licking them. The chewing and licking just make the sores bigger.

When I rescued my first Golden Retriever and it got hot spots I took it to the vet. The vet shaved the affected areas, sold me some medicine, had me start the dog on antibiotics and had the dog wear a collar.

So the dog was in the office wearing his collar when Jimmy Smits comes by.  Jimmy looked at the dog and asked about the collar. I told Jimmy it was hot spots and Jimmy said “Just put a little bag balm on it”.

Bag Balm for hot spots on Golden retrievers

Bag Balm for hot spots

I tried it and it was great. The dog actually looked relieved as soon as I smeared the bag balm on. He quit licking and chewing the sores.

The sores healed a lot faster with bag balm than they did with anything the vet gave me.

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  1. I’ve used bag balm for other things, especially diaper rashes on my child. However, I’ve never used it for hot spots. Nice tip.

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