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The tool chest featured on the left made its debut on the back cover of Fine Woodworking magazine in the July 1988 issue.  This is the tool chest of carpenter and stonemason, H.O Studley and is from the 19th century, making this one of the most exquisite tool chests in history.

Henry Studley, a piano maker from Massachusetts, built this famous and intricate tool chest over a 30 year period while he was working at the Poole Piano Company. Studley used ebony, mother-of-pearl, ivory, rosewood, and mahogany to make his masterpiece that would still be famous, 80 years after his death.

In this tool chest, every tool has its own place, as Studley designed a holder to keep it their as well as to showcase each individual tool.  Small clasps can rotate out of the way so that other tools can be moved. The chest hangs securely to a wall and opens and closes like a book.  When it is closed, tools on the right side nestle closely to tools on the left side and despite seeming “packed to the brim” everything is still easy to get to.

Tom, President of Carbide Processors, believes in quality and craftsmanship, much like this beautiful tool chest.  It is pieces of craftsmanship and woodwork, like this tool chest, that makes the staff at Carbide Processors so appreciative of quality and grateful we can supply tools to other woodworkers and craftsman.

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