How to make a Serviceable Level

How to make a Serviceable Level- taken from the book: Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them, by Rolfe Coblei 1909

Take two 1-inch boards of rather hard wood, well‑seasoned, 2 to 3 feet long, bolt or screw them together at right angles. This union must be so strong as never to be moved by ordinary pressure.

At the top of the perpendicular piece cut a slit and insert a piece of strong thread.

To the bottom of the thread tie a thin circular weight.

Lay the device across two trestles of nearly the same level.

Just above the weight mark the place where the string hangs.

Reverse the posi­tion of the instrument by turning it end for end, and again mark the position of the string.

Half way between the two marks place a third mark.

When the string hangs over this mark the lower board will be level.

You can put a nail on each side of the string, just above the weight, to keep it from swinging far out of place. It must be allowed to swing freely.

A simple level may be improvised by Filling a small flat bottle with water, so that only a bubble of air remains, and attaching it lengthwise and near the middle of a straight stick or narrow board.


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