Newspapers Get Back To Their Roots

Get it?  I thought it was funny.

Anyway, I was very excited to read about this the other day over at Inhabitat.

Taking recycling to the next level, Mieke Meijer and the design company Vij5 have created a wood-like product made from recycled newspapers.  Think of how many newspapers get thrown out every day.  That’s why projects like these are so exciting.  So much good can be done for our planet, not to mention adding new products to the manufacturing industy.

The thought process behind this creation was pretty much what you’d expect.  Mieke Meijer, this project’s proud papa, thought that if you could turn trees into newspapers why couldn’t you make newspaper into trees.  The answer was, because no one had done it yet.

The paper is coated with a special glue that can be removed later so the material can be re-recylcled.  It’s then rolled into logs and cut into boards.

The wood can be cut, milled, and sanded just like any other wood.  The burl is created by the layers of paper.  When sanded and left unfinished the newspaper wood has a soft texture, which has been compared to velour.  It can be painted, of course, but why hide that beautiful pattern?

So far they’ve only been able to produce small logs, because of the size of the paper, but they’re working on that too.

It’s still a costly product to make, but the team who developed it is working on ways to produce it faster and cheaper.  If you’d like to check availability, price, and get some for yourself you can contact Designlabel Vij5 at  Also you can check out their website.

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