Oscillating Tool Replacement Blades

Oscillating Tool Blades

Oscillating tool blades from Imperial Blades are much less expensive than manufacturer’s blades and last much longer.
Oscillating tool replacement blade

Oscillating tool replacement blade

This is a real American success story. The user of a tool got fed up with the short life from expensive blades and decided he could make a better one. He started by buying blades from a hardware store, cutting them up and combining them to make his own blades. Once he got to the point where he was buying all the blades in four separate Home Depot stores he realized he was onto something.

We very proudly offer Imperial blades replacement blades for oscillating tools at a price even below the manufacturer’s already low price.

There is a huge selection of blades as you can see from the chart below. The chart also contains links where you can go to the website to buy the blades. The blades have an excellent guarantee from Imperial Blades as well as our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There are blades for every use, every material and to fit every tool.

If  you want a better blade that would give you longer life for less money then buy a combo pack today.

Oscillating tool replacement blade

Oscillating tool replacement blade

Oscillating Tool Blades for: Bosch Multi X, Chicago Multi Tool, Craftsman Multi Tool, Dremel Multi Max, Fein Multimaster, Fein Supercut, MasterCraft Multi Tool, Milwaukee Multi-Tool, Ridgid Multi Tool, Rockwell Sonicrafter, Skil Multi Tool, Worx Sonicraft

Multi Max from Dremel Bosch Multi X
Multi Tool from Chicago Chicago Multi Tool
Multi Tool from Craftsman Craftsman Multi Tool
Multi Tool from MasterCraft Dremel Multi Max
Multi Tool from Ridgid Fein Multimaster
Multi Tool from Skil Fein Supercut
Multi X from Bosch MasterCraft Multi Tool
Multimaster from Fein Milwaukee Multi-Tool
Multi-Tool from Milwaukee Ridgid Multi Tool
Sonicraft from Worx Rockwell Sonicrafter
Sonicrafter from Rockwell Skil Multi Tool
Supercut from Fein Worx Sonicraft

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6 Responses to “Oscillating Tool Replacement Blades”

  1. Dan Young says:

    Where can I get blades and sanders for a Terratek oscillating tool?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dan,

      We have recently stopped carrying Imperial blades. We did so not because of quality issues, but do to lack of availability. It doesn’t matter how good the product is if you can’t actually get it and send it to the customer. That being said, we do carry Oshlun blades. Oshlun makes quality blades and is a very reliable source. They are an incredibly great value and have had great reviews by all that have used them. I checked, and Oshlun’s oscillating blades will be compatible with your Terratek oscillating tool. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not carry sanders. It is something we may be carrying in the future.
      Here is a link to Oshlun’s Oscillating blades: http://www.carbideprocessors.com/oshlun/oscillating-tool-blades/

  2. martin gunderson says:

    I own a custom cabinet/millwork shop in WA state and am in need of an oscillating tool blade that cuts 90 degree corners out. The blade could have 3/4 x 3/4 or 1″ x 1″ blade widths and only needs to be 1″ deep or even 3/4″ deep. This blade would be used to cut out a routed glass frame corner to make the inside corner square (because the round router bit makes a radius inside corner). I have about 300 or more corners to cut out and a simple 90 degree cutting blade would be perfect for this (instead of using a 90 degree hand chisel tool). Please ask your blade manufactures if they make or can make such a blade (a universal blade to fit most oscillating tools). Or, can you give me the manufacturers contact information? These 90 degree cutting blades would sell all over the world too. Thanks. Oh, the teeth count (TPI) should be high to make a smooth cut.

    • admin says:

      Hi Martin,

      Thank you for your interest in our custom blades. I have forwarded your blade request to our shop & expect to hear back within the next day or so. For future communication I will use the email you have provided, martin333@contractor.net to get in touch with you. Also, if you have any further questions feel free to contact me, Jo, at emgt@carbideprocessors.com

      Thank you!

      • Aaron says:

        The company I work for is also looking for a custom oscillating blade for the Milwaukee M12. We remove hard Polyurethane insulation adhered to metal pipe with manual tools and see the potential for the oscillator to plunge cut and then scrape the insulation from the pipe surface without damaging the pipe which is in service. We strip over 15000 linear fee a year. The insulation is 3.25″ deep and once cut into strips would allow it to cut/scrape the insulation. Problem is that most scraper blades are too short and the longer plunge cutting blades have teeth that can damage the pipe. Need a blade that is at least 4″ long, rigid with a wide scraper blade that can cut hard foam insulation. If it had 90″ edged walls coming up from the blade surface it would cut the insulation laterally and vertically. If such a blade can be made it would dramatically improve our business.

        • admin says:

          Hi Aaron, thank you for your interest in our oscillating blades. I just left a message for our technician at Oshlun to see if we can offer you a solution to combat the challenges your company is experiencing. I will email you this information using the email you have provided. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly, Jo at emgt@carbideprocessors.com.

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