Russell and Jesse Hartley

Russell and Jesse Hartley are Two of my Heroes

Russell and Jesse Hartley are saw filers with Anthony Forest Products in Louisiana.

I was down there a few years ago giving a speech and Russell came up to me and tried to describe an idea he had that he thought was worth sharing.  This was in the middle of one of the meetings and Russell is really popular so we kept getting interrupted and he finally said he was going to send me a video.

The video he sent me is now our brazing video part two.

Russell filmed his son and coworker, Jesse, brazing saws.  The Hartleys do a really good job as saw filers.  They have zero tip loss and they have truly minimal tip breakage. They’re the kind of people that think things through and are always looking for a better way to do it.

The method they came up with is an unusual method and doesn’t work everywhere but it does work beautifully for them.

The Hartley’s were big enough to put what they did out there for comment and criticism because they thought it was for the good of the industry and they wanted to help others in the industry.

I do these blogs and videos to share what little I know. Over the last 30 years there have been a lot of calls from people who had a huge problem and I knew the answer. And the answer has almost always been something simple and straightforward. But it was simple because I already knew it. It may have taken me a great long time to figure it out.

I truly do think that the industry needs much more of this sort of information sharing. It needs people who really know what they’re doing, sharing that information.

Some people have tried sharing information and try teaching and they’ve ended up with a lot of criticism. So, in my opinion, it takes an exceptional person to stand up and make a video knowing that there is going to be criticism.

And that is why the Hartleys, Russell and Jesse, are two of my heroes.

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