Safety Glasses That Are Totally Cool

Dorky safety glasses

Dorky safety glasses

Safety Glasses That Are Totally Cool

We have manufacturers’ reps to call on us with new products. One of the best is a guy named Gary Tucker of Tucker sales.

So anyway, he is sitting here one day talking to the girls and he brings up the idea of us selling safety classes.

I told him that I didn’t like safety glasses. They always look bad. They are uncomfortable. Everybody already owns a couple pair and there’s just not any money in them.

So he says “Wait a minute” and goes out to his car. He comes back in with samples of the new Edge eyewear safety glasses.

Totally Cool Edge Eyewear safety glasses as worn by Gary Tucker

Totally Cool Edge Eyewear safety glasses as worn by Gary Tucker

These things are just totally cool. They look like the stuff you see on TV on American Chopper or on extreme sports.

I always figured that those were just fashion and not really protection. The Edge eyewear people have done it right. Their glasses meet mil spec and ANSI specifications for safety.

Plus the glasses are just totally cool.

I have posted two pictures. One is me in the old dorky glasses. The other is Gary Tucker looking really good. Now, you may never be as good looking as Gary Tucker but you can look that cool in your edge eyewear safety glasses from Carbide Processors.

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