Scrap Carbide

Scrap Carbide

carbide scrap saw tips

carbide scrap saw tips

We are a consolidator for scrap carbide. This means we buy small amounts and then reship it to a recycler when we have large amounts.

Sort of as an example, think of us as buying a coffee can full at a time and shipping it out in 55 gallon drums.

In our world there are two kinds of carbide; clean and dirty.  Clean carbide consists of things such as end mills, reamers, drill bits or whatever that are solid carbide. Dirty carbide is anything with braze alloy on such as saw tips that have been taken off the saw.  Clean scrap carbide is worth $.50 a pound more than dirty.

Tungsten carbide powder is at an all-time high which means scrap is high so it might be a good time to sell it.

We will buy any quantity you have down to a handful or even just a few parts. However, if the quantity is really small, such as just two parts, it is probably not worth the shipping cost.

You can ship carbide scrap by USPS flat rate boxes. You can get a lot of scrap in the USPS flat rate boxes and it makes really cheap shipping. If you do play carbide scrap in a flat rate box make sure to tape up the outside. Use a lot of tape and wrap the box really well.

If you don’t have a full box then wadded up paper works pretty well as a filler. Try and avoid using Styrofoam peanuts or similar as the carbide just crushes them into really small parts.

The prices scrap carbide changes daily so call Emily at 800-346-8274 for a quote. You can also e-mail

800 346-8274


6 Responses to “Scrap Carbide”

  1. jesus says:

    Hi, my name is Jesus Aguirre im interested to buy carbide inserts scrap i need triangle and square carbide inserts scrap let me know how much cost the pound thanks

    • admin says:

      Dear Sir:

      We would be happy to help you but we buy shop scrap and it is typically pretty well mixed so that the inserts you desire are mixed in with other shapes as well as endmills, etc.

      It would have to be sorted and that would make them pretty expensive.

      In addition, the inserts are typically well used and quite often chipped.


      Tom Walz

      • Jesu says:

        Ok, how much cost per pound ,let me know

        Jesus Aguirre

        • admin says:


          The cost per pound does fluctuate over time, and clean Carbide (without any braze) does pay more per pound than carbide with the braze on it. Currently, we are paying $6.00 per pound for dirty and $6.60 for clean, but these prices are subject to change at any time without notice. It is best to give us a call at 800-346-8274 for the most current pricing.


  2. Tim says:

    I was just wondering what your tungsten carbide scrap price is currently.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you for your interest in selling us your scrap carbide. Please see the current pricing as of 7/29/16 down below:

      $5.50 per pound for clean solids without steel or silver brazing
      $3.76 per pound for carbide with silver brazing

      Feel free to contact me at for any further questions you may have. Thank you!


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