Selling Scrap Carbide and Sludge

Selling Scrap Carbide and Sludge

Scrap carbide on cart

Scrap carbide on cart

A couple years ago we started buying scrap carbide and just last month we started buying sludge. We look at it for years but the price of tungsten was so low that it was never worth doing.

Now tungsten is that all-time high so tungsten carbide scrap is definitely worth recycling. I just wrote a check today to a machine shop for $783 worth of scrap at nine dollars a pound.

We looked at buying sludge a couple years ago and at that time it just wasn’t worth the trouble of trying to sell it. Now we just bought what we called 500 pounds of sludge at two dollars a pound.

We buy it for the tungsten which is at a record high.

Example from a saw shop


scrap carbide in USPS boxes for cheap shipping

scrap carbide in USPS boxes for cheap shipping

7 – 5 gallon Buckets on a pallet weighed 517 lbs Gross

This was 473 lbs Net Wet Material

24 lbs Oil & Moisture Removed ( 5%)

This left 449 lbs Net Dry Material

The net, dry material was 46 % Tungsten

This left 207 lbs Net Dry Tungsten

The drier the better for everyone.

We are happy to buy any amount you have. You can ship it in a flat rate USPS box. You can ship about $300-$400 worth of scrap for $10.95 in a flat rate box.

Other than that, all we need is a name to put on the check.

800 346-8274

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