Tightening Stand for ISO, HSK63 and BT30 Tool Holders


Southeast Tools’ side mount tightening stand has a new innovative design that allows studs to be pulled from the bottom of the fixture. It is compatible with CAT, BT, HSK and ISO tool holders. The tightening stand secures the tool holder for changing cutting tools such as collets and pull studs. Made of precision machined anodized alloy, the tightening stand provides outstanding strength, speed and durability.

The fixture can be bolted to the side of a workbench or tool cart. Easy to use, simply place your tool holder in the side mount fixture and tighten the locking set-screw knob to engage the wrench flats or drive slot to securely hold the tool. Access to the pull studs is conveniently located underneath the fixture.

Southeast Tool recommends using the correct wrench &  torque on the collet to reduce wear and improve cutting tool life.  See the following chart for the best performance.


Collet Nut Size Wrench Type Recommended Torque
ER11 Mini 12ft/lbs
ER16 Mini 20ft/lbs
ER20 Mini 22ft/lbs
ER25 Mini 26ft/lbs
ER16 Slotted 42ft/lbs
ER16 Hex 42ft/lbs
ER20 Slotted 59ft/lbs
ER20 Hex 59ft/lbs
ER25 Slotted 77ft/lbs
ER32 Slotted 100ft/lbs
ER40 Slotted 130ft/lbs
SYOZ25 Hook 90ft/lbs
TG75 Hook 90ft/lbs
DNA11 Slotted 12ft/lbs
DNA16 Slotted 42ft/lbs
DNA20 Slotted 59ft/lbs
DNA32 Slotted 100ft/lbs
ER32 Slotted 100ft/lbs
SYOZ Hook 40ft/lbs


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