Tool Storage Plastic Bags

Plastic bags for tool storage
Tool storage plastic bags back

Tool Storage Plastic Bags

We sell a lot of carbide saw tips which are little, expensive parts.

The industry standard was to ship them in boxes. They would get stuck under the folds of the boxes and you would have to take a whole box apart to find them all. Sometimes they would leak out under the flap.
Maybe 15 or 20 years ago I got the idea to buy plastic bags and put them in plastic bags inside the box. This works really well.
I started taking some plastic bags home to use on my workbench. I think the plastic bags are a lot handier than bottles or coffee cans.
We now have four mil (four thousands of an inch thick), zip lock, plastic, bags in 4” x 6”, 6” x 9” and 9” x 12” sizes.      Tool storage plastic bags back These four mil bags are heavier, much heavier than the one or two mil bags you find in the store.  We buy them by the case so we can resell them to you at a really good price in smaller quantities.

The literature says that you can use a four mill bag for screws and that is true. Something that is really sharp, such as a self tapping drywall screw, may poke through but it doesn’t rip the bag. The bag stays strong enough to hang it.

A 4” x 6” bag holds a handful of screws. A 9” x 12” bag holds a 2 pound coffee can full of assorted parts.

can use Bulldog clips, also called binder clips, to hang the 4 x 6 bags. For me this is a really good way to get a lot more storage and visible storage than peg boards, boxes, bottles or anything else I’ve ever tried.

If you want to see what we are talking about send an email to and we’ll drop a few in an envelope for you at no charge.

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