Tools for Kids Program

What started out as kids being interested in the old machinery at the New Jersey State Fair, blossomed into a hands-on Youth Program at NJAE&MC (North Jersey Antique Engine & Machine Club).

NJ Kids program

 Kevin Adams, member and Youth Program contributor of  NJAE&MC explained how the program got started:

“The youth program started because the kids in the club were interested in learning about the old machinery we had on display. It was also a way to keep them gainfully occupied during the 10 days of the State Fair. One of our first projects was the dis-assembly of a Ford 8N tractor, so the owner could sandblast and restore. The videos are linked on the web site. We have 3 lathes now that are running and we needed  to have trained operators to demonstrate them to the public, the youth were the logical choice, as they are the age that most apprentices started in the old days. I started with the basics and by the end of the fair, they can make a nut & bolt. The youth are learning skills that they are using to rebuild tractors and trucks for their own use now.”


Carbide Processors, Inc. recognizes the importance of mentoring our youth and sharing the knowledge and wisdom that we have. We appreciate the skill, passion and patience it takes for teachers and instructors to pass on their gifts.

That is why Tom has created Tools for Kids, a special grant given annually to programs and schools that partner with children in teaching these valuable skills. This grant allows the recipient to choose any of our items up to $500.00 from our website.

“When we deny our youth the opportunity to explore the world through their hands, we are fostering entire generations who lack the necessary skills to effectively engage the physical world around them.”

This quote was taken from Chris Hedges’ post about his Kickstarter Program.



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    I will share this with everyone. Thanks Tom!!

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