Whiteside Ultimate Trim Bits

Whiteside has recently come out with a new line of Ultimate Trim bits that include an Ultimate Flush Trim bit (Whiteside UDFT9112), Ultimate Pattern-Plunge Bit (UDP9112), and Ultimate Combination Bit (UDC9112).  Each bit in the New Ultimate Trim Bit series has a 7/8″ cutting diameter, 1 1/8″ cutting length, and 1/2″ shank.

This new Whiteside Ultimate Trim Bit series was originally engineered and designed for industrial applications for CNC machines.  The Whiteside Ultimate Trim Bits have a compression spiral design and a ball bearing guide that makes them easy to use in a router and allows them to produce superior quality trimmed edges.  They are perfect for working with a template or when using a router to flush trim edges and create matching wood surfaces.

Like all Whiteside Router Bits, these new Ultimate Trim bits are made to the highest quality standards, right here in the USA.  For over 40 Years, Whiteside has consistently produced quality cutting tools, which has given them a name recognized for quality and dependability.  Whiteside uses thick pieces of high quality micro grain carbide so that it keeps a sharp edge and can withstand extra sharpenings.  These new Whiteside Ultimate Trim Bits are a great addition to an already quality line of cutting tools.


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