“Tools for Kids Program” Leads to World Championships

Carbide Processors, Inc. recognizes the importance of mentoring our youth and sharing the knowledge and wisdom that we have. We appreciate the skill, passion and patience it takes for teachers and instructors to pass on their gifts.

That is why Tom has created Tools for Kids, a special grant given annually to programs and schools that partner with children in teaching these valuable skills. This grant allows the recipient to choose any of our items up to $500.00 from our website. Please contact Jo at emgt@carbideprocessors.com if interested in applying for this special grant.

One example of the influence of this grant is the VEX program at a middle school in Maryland. Elizabeth Dodson describes the VEX program as this:

“The VEX Robotics program, which is a part of the REC Foundation (http://www.roboticseducation.org/), is an incredible program that fosters STEM in the community, inside and outside of schools.  The obvious aspects are engineering and programming but it also teaches kids to present their work to adult judges and to learn to communicate with their peers, since the kids have to figure out how to work together (and against each other!) on the competition field.”

We are honored for the 2nd year in a row to sponsor needed items such as hex keys, (like the Bondus 5/64″ hex keys, or the Bondhus 3/32″ hex keys), safety glasses, (Edge Eyewear) and calipers (Oslun digital calipers). The Vex teams’ motto ‘Nothing But Net” helped lead them to the World Championships hosted in April 2016.

“My goodness it has been a whole school year already!!  The boys are in 8th grade now – their final year of middle school – and I am thrilled to say that this was again another successful year for the Warp Drivers!  I have enclosed a link to a video of them competing at the Maryland State Middle School VEX Robotics Tournament (https://youtu.be/zPDvZwMJYlg) and a photo of the team.  I am proud to let you know that the boys won both The Tournament Championship AND the Excellence Award!  
It was a long year for the kids, the game this year was a lot harder than they first imagined.  The goal of this year’s game, Nothing But Net, is to shoot small nerf-like balls into a small goal across the field……..We are heading to the World Championships in April!  It will be three years in a row that these boys have been the Maryland VEX Robotics Middle School Champions.  (And it will be their last year in this division – since they will all be heading into high school next year.)”
Elizabeth thanked us for our “generous support”, but we were truly grateful and honored to be able to help out such a great program.

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