Brazing Stump Grinder Tips

Brazing Stump Grinder Tips

Stump grinder tips

Stump grinder tips

We sold some thumbnail shaped stump grinder tips to a gentleman and the tips came off after he brazed them on.  He had bought $50 worth the tips and he was at that stage in his business where $50 was a lot of money. I started this business with my last $500, 30 years ago so I really understood and empathized with where he was.

We are getting a good reputation for our Thumb Bail, Stump Cutter tips because they’re cheaper and last a lot longer than the competition.  We typically sell them pretinned which means the braze alloy is already on them.

All you have to do is flux the clean steel holder, put the thumbnail stump grinder tip in place and heat it.

You have the option of wiggling it a little bit when it gets up to temperature. This helps release any trapped gases from the flux. You don’t have to do this.

You do have to use the right flux. It has to be a brazing flux. You are going to silver braze and not silver solder.

We strongly recommend our purified flux. Order it when you order your tips. It is probably a little cheaper than what you get in welding supply stores and it will work beautifully.

purified brazing flux

purified brazing flux

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7 Responses to “Brazing Stump Grinder Tips”

  1. james bishop says:

    will the tjumbnail shaped stump grinder tips fit 252 vermeer stump grinder teeth

  2. Greg Laban says:

    How much are the pretinned thumnail grinder tips and brazing flux?


    • admin says:


      The thumbnail tips are $3.00 a piece, but that does include pretinning. We have 4 different types of brazing flux. We have our standard black, White flux, Purified flux, and Mega Flux. Our purified flux has gone through more processing to remove particles and odd objects and has a smoother consistency. Our Mega flux has gone through the same processes as the purified, but also has better cleaning properties. Black flux and white flux are $13.00 for a 1 pound jar, purified flux is $21.00, and Mega Flux is $18.99.

      • Greg Laban says:

        will the tips work on McKissock Stump grinders or the older DR powered grinders. They look like they will work. Do I just have to heat the old tips up and tap them off?


        • admin says:

          You have to heat the old tips up then it takes a pretty good tap. A quick strike is better. Otherwise you can push them off with a piece of ceramic or something similar.

  3. david says:

    so out of all ur flux which is the best to use of all them?? not to worry bout the cost… on retipping?? 731-434-9309

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you for your comment. I feel that the Purified Flux works the best out of all the different types we offer. The Purified Flux has gone through extra processing steps to remove all the large particles which creates a stronger braze joint. You can buy the Purified Flux in a 1lb or 5lb jar on our website. Let us know if you have any further questions, we would be happy to help!


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