Saw Blades With Coating

Saw Blades With Coating

Coated Saw blade

Coated Saw blade

There are several manufacturers out there who are promoting saw blades with a coating on them.  As an

example, Freud has a red coating on some of their blades.

These coatings can definitely be handy in the rare case where you’re making the cut at an extreme angle and the piece being cut actually rubs against the body of the saw blade. Otherwise, I’ve never been really convinced of the value of the red coating, but a lot of people like it.

The coating can be some sort of special metal infusion, Teflon or something similar, or some sort of nitride coating. Freud talks about an aluminum coating which looks to me as though it was titanium, aluminum nitride or TiAlN. This is a proven coating in the metalworking industry and should work well to keep heat off the saw blade and reduce friction.

This brings up the question of just how often you have material rubbing against the saw blade.

Another problem with coating is that it can make it awfully hard to service a saw blade. If your saw blade is twisted or warped, or otherwise needs to be inspected as part of a sharpening procedure then the coating will need to be removed first. The saw body can be flat and level but the coatings typically vary a little bit across the surface of the plate. In order to accurately inspect the saw blade for flatness you need to remove the coating.

Guys in saw shops don’t like these coatings because it makes it hard to service the blade properly. They really have two choices. They can leave the coating on and not service the blade properly.  They can take the coating off, service the blade properly, but then they give the customer back a saw blade that doesn’t have the fancy red coating on it.

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