7 Ways to Save Money on Tools

 How to Save Money on Tools

Just a small selection of tools we sell

1. Search the websites for mistakes.

We recently uploaded a new price sheet from a supplier. The supplier had entered prices for 10 packs of tools without telling us that the price entered was for each tool. We used the price they gave us and thus sold the tools for about 10% of what we should. One customer was smart enough to recognize our price as a heckuva deal and saved himself about $500. We called the customer to tell him that the prices he was paying were wrong and he said he knew that. He thought it was a great deal which is why he bought so many.

We stood behind our mistake and promptly changed the prices to the correct amount.

Many, many large sites, such as ours, have similar problems occasionally. If you are willing to do the work to prowl through the sites and compare prices you to can get a heckuva deal.

2.  Check the special deals and closeout sections on websites.

We buy inventory and try to guess at what is going to sell. Sometimes we guess wrong. We don’t know why but a particular product will be a hot seller for a while and then go cold. We really don’t have much choice except to buy on the basis of what has been selling and what our gut tells us. So sometimes we get caught with really excellent products that are brand-new and that just sit there. After a while we mark them down just to move them and to create money to buy new inventory.

There seem to be people that actively shop our discount section and probably others as well. We find that products that have not sold for several months may well sell in a matter of a day or two once they are in the discounted closeout section.

Shop our Inventory Reduction section

3.  Price match guarantee

We have a 100% price match guarantee. This is on top of our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our excellent customer service.

If you contact us and tell us that someone else is selling an identical item for less money we will match or beat their price.

You can e-mail us anytime or contact us by phone at 800-346-8274 West Coast time.

4.  Large quantity discounts

It costs us about the same amount of money to process a large order as it does a small order. If you have an order of $1000 or more we will be happy to talk to you about additional discounts. We will probably be somewhat flexible on the thousand dollar figure as well.

5.  One-stop shopping

We have been in the tool business 30 years so we know our way around pretty well. If you have a long list we can probably be a one-stop shop for you. We do this for organizations, such as the military, that may place an order once or twice a year for approximately $10,000-$25,000 worth of assorted maintenance or other shop tools.

6.  Long life tools

We sell long life saw blades. Depending on your equipment and the material being cut the saw blades can give you from 2 to 10 times the life between sharpenings when compared to ordinary carbide.

7.  Substitutions

For 30 years we have been supplying tools and technology to the top end of the tool business. There are many small companies that make excellent tools but that do very little or no retail advertising. In many cases they make and sell tools superior to some or all of the heavily advertised retail tools.

Someone doing woodworking as a hobby may buy one or two saw blades a year and have each one sharpened once annually.

An industrial user may buy hundreds of saw blades a year and have them sharpened weekly. The industrial user will tend to be much more conscious of tool life and cut quality than the hobbyist because there is much more money involved. The industrial user is much more likely to be heavily targeted by all sorts of sales organizations then the hobbyist is.

Having said the above let me amend it by saying that probably the fussiest people in the industry are the top hobbyists and artisans. Then it would be most of the production people followed by most of the hobbyists. However, it is woodworking and if there is a universal rule to describe woodworkers, I have yet to find it.


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2 Responses to “7 Ways to Save Money on Tools”

  1. Preaman says:

    Thank you for the offers listed however I was on vacation for most of December and the first week into January (this is my first day back on the job) and could not take advantage of your specials however I am sure it will work out in the future.

    Preaman Rampersad.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for your comment Preaman! I am sorry to hear that you missed our last promotion. We always offer exciting and new promotions and discounts so check our website frequently.

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