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We are very careful whose tools we sell. Of course, the good tool companies are very careful about who sells their tools.

From the very first we wanted to sell Whiteside. We came at this whole retail thing from the industrial side where Whiteside has an excellent reputation. I think everyone is familiar with Whiteside’s number one ranking in the Fine Woodworking magazine ranking of router bits.

What is not so well known is just how good Whiteside is on the industrial side.

We received a call from someone who is not our customer but who was having trouble with router bits. They were burning up and he was breaking about 20 to 30 a week. Following are the notes he gave us.

Cutting a sandwich of materials

1/8” ABS

3/16” Fiberglass

3”4” plyboard

1/8” ABS


CNC machine

Using a Whiteside, 2 flute, straight, solid carbide router bit – left hand

1/2” bits


2 – 1/8 “ long cutting flutes

Breaking 20 or 30 a week

Bits are breaking right where the flutes start

Bits are burning about the last inch from the end

We contacted Whiteside and received the following answer back.

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Whiteside router bits logo

Tom or Emily,

Is there any particular reason the user is using a left hand bit? Does the bit need to be 4″ oal?

I would try to get the user on a right hand 3+3 compression and have the material on the table with the plywood above the fiberglass. Then put the cross over on the bit right on the fiberglass so he would have 6 flutes cutting the fiberglass.  The UD5143 or the UD5163 are both 3-1/2″ oal. 18000 rpm and a feed rate of 400 ipm and work up from there. The 2+2 may work doing the same with the material and a feed rate of 300 ipm to start.

The fiberglass is probably wearing the bit and causing the burn and enough pressure once it is dull and heated up to break the tool.

We consider this an absolutely excellent answer. It addresses the user’s questions exactly and specifically. It also gives an exact and specific remedy.

In a situation such as this, it seems as though there is always more information that comes up later. And, in all honesty, the first solution may or may not be the final solution.

However there is no denying the fact that this was a very prompt and extremely good answer. Whether the first answer solves the problem or not it is definitely an answer that will provide much valuable data.

In addition we called the Midwest late Thursday and received an answer back promptly, early Friday morning. This is a huge difference from some suppliers we’ve tried where we never heard back at all.

In my experience, and there may be a little prejudice here, companies that make excellent tools seem to be extremely good at everything they do and Whiteside Machine certainly falls in that category.


800 346-8274

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