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We are very picky about the saw blades we sell and only sell from saw blade manufacturers that make absolutely top-quality saw blades.   We do all the research so that we can bring you the best saw blades crafted with the finest steel plate, carbide tips, and braze alloy.

 Anybody can get a piece of steel, braze some odd carbide on it and call it a saw blade.  Making a really good saw blades is incredibly complex. There are about eight special kinds of steel for saw blades. They come from eitherEuropeorJapan. If you want to buy some the minimum order is 100 tons at a time or 200,000 pounds. You have to buy it in flat sheets, which adds to the cost because buying it in rolls is cheaper.  If it has been rolled then it will always have a tendency to roll back up and you want saw blades that are going to stay flat.

 There are roughly 15,000 grades of tungsten carbide and you want a grade of carbide that’s going to be right for the saw’s application. There are about a dozen different things you can add to the tungsten carbide to improve the performance of the saw blade.  The different types of material added to the carbide will improve it for specific applications.

 The steel saw plate cannot be punched out but has to be laser cut. Punching the saw plate will distort the edges.  Once a saw plate has been laser cut you need to go back and remove the heat affected zone on the edges of the saw blade so it will braze properly.

 The saw plate has to be heat treated then hammered for perfect flatness. It has to be tension rolled so that it will have enough stiffness but still be resilient enough.

 There are about six different kinds of braze alloy. The kind of braze alloy used determines how well the tips will stay on and how well the tips will survive under impact.

The wheels used to grind the carbide are specifically designed for that application. Top-quality manufacturers are so fussy that even the size and shape of the crystal structure of the diamond is important.

 We sell saw blades from 4 different Saw blade manufacturers that meticulously craft top quality saw blades by taking into account the importance of each material used and the method used to build the best saw blades.  We feel that these manufacturers cater to the needs of all woodworkers.

 World’s Best saw blades are a great investment for the saw shops and woodworkers who give their blades a lot of use and abuse.  Our custom built saw blades will save you hundreds in sharpening and retipping fees. These are an exceptional blade that use a special patented Cermet II material for tipping.  The special tips allow the World’s Best saw blades to last longer, resist breakage, stay cooler, and cut faster and cleaner. Take a look at the user reviews – many boast that it’s the best saw blade that they have ever used.

Tenryu Saw Blades are known for their quality. Our engineering department considers Tenryu Saw Blades to be the finest production, mass market saw blades made. We have tested these in small and large cabinet shops and they are far and away preferred over any other mass market saw blade.

Popular Tools is a newly added line of saw blades to our website. They make great quality saw blades with a large selection for many applications.  Popular Tools have been in the industry for over 10 years and for those 10 years they have focused on the industrial side of the market. Their target market has been professional level saw shops. Popular Tools has developed a reputation for extremely high quality at extremely reasonable prices. Popular Tools consistantly produce extremely high quality saw blades every time, with every saw blade and for every application.

For more information on our World’s Best Cermet II tipped custom saw blades Contact Us

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  1. I am the Quality Assurance Department Manager for Artesian Spas;
    We are Interested in purchasing Highest quality “Trim Saw Blades” to cut and trim our fiberglass shell.

    We presently are using a 17″ by 80 with a carbide teeth design:
    CTC – California Triple Chip; a combination of the ATB’s slicing option and the TCG’s durability. the reason we selected this design, it provides us the ability to cut a variety of materials without changing blades. We cut into the Acrylic, Polyester, Vynilester and wood.

    We would like to know the cost of the unit if possible.

  2. Bob fournier says:

    We need two types of HD circular saw blades. 20″ diameter 1and 1/8″hole
    40 tooth carbide teeth 1/2″ wide,on 3/8 plate steel body.
    Next- 20″ diameter circular blade, 1and1/8″ hole, 40 carbide teeth, 7/8″ to 1″ wide, on a 1/2″ plate body.
    Can you let me know price, and delivery time.
    Bob Fournier
    Maxximat and

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