Portable Saw Mills- advantages of swing blade saw mills over band saw blade saw mills

Swing blade portable sawmills are very popular and rightly so.  There are extremely versatile, very rugged with a low operating cost.

Advantages of Swing blade Saw Mills:

1.        Easy, fast sharpening

2.        Increased yield – a swing blade mill lets you easily cut around bad sections.  You can even get good lumber out of “worthless“ logs

3.        Less turning of logs – you move the head instead of the log.  

4.        More Consistency in sizes – a solid, circular blade does not warp and move like a band saw blade does

5.        Straighter Cuts – stiffer blade than a band

6.        Inexpensive maintenance – typically 15,000 board feet per blade

7.        Easy to water cool –  for longer blade life and no burning


A great many of these advantages are due to the fact that a circular saw blade is inherently much more rugged, long-lasting, durable and much harder to damage than a bandsaw blade. By its very design a bandsaw blade has to be flimsy enough to bend without breaking. A circular saw blade is designed to be strong, rugged and stiff.


The stiffness of the circular saw blade in a swing blade sawmill means much better cuts with no saw wander.

However, you need good saw blades to achieve these advantages.  The popular tools replacement saw blades for  Lucas Mills portable saws are not just a big version of a cheap skill saw blade.


Brand X Sawmill

Peterson Portable Sawmills

Lucas Mills

D & L Swing Blade

Bestbier Best saw Mills


Popular Tools  saw blades for swing saw mills use a special steel that is strong enough to cut straight and tough enough to handle most knots, nails and other foreign objects.

The carbide saw teeth on a popular tools blade are a special grade of sub-micron carbide designed to give long life between sharpenings while being tough enough to survive cutting in most extreme situations.

The carbide teeth on a Popular Tools swing blade mill are very easy to sharpen and easy to replace with a standard torch set up.

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