Saw Blade Slits Or Scrollwork

Saw Blade Slits Or Scrollwork

Saw blade with slits

Saw blade with slits

Some saw blades have extra slits cut into the body. The slits compensate for the fact that the outside of the saw blade wants to grow more than the inside of the blade as the blade turns.

Some companies also put slits of one shape or another in the actual saw body itself. These are slits that are not connected to the outside of the saw. These may be called something like tension slits, noise slits, quiet slits or other terms. These can be in a fancy S-shape or in kind of a zigzag that doubles back on itself or something similar.

They can reduce the noise a saw makes by a few decibels. They work a little better if the slits are filled with epoxy of some sort.

The problem with the slits in the middle of the saw body is that, once again, they make it very difficult to service the saw blade properly. They can make the saw body slightly more likely to warp especially if you get a stick stuck that rubs against the saw blade and provides excessive, local heating.

The slits make it extremely hard to hammer a saw blade back to a totally flat condition. As a saw blade gets run, it can lose its tension. A simple, easy fix for this is to use a tension roller and just put a tension line around the middle of the saw blade. However, you cannot do this with the saw blade that has slits in the middle of the saw body.

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