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We sell a wide variety of woodworking tools in our online store, and have always had a great respect and appreciation for the amazing and beautiful things people can do with these tools.  I have recently set up a page on our website where woodworkers can showcase their Woodworking projects and share their amazing and beautiful woodworks for free.  We have only asked that they send some pictures for us to put up and share with us some of the tools they used to make thier woodworking projects.  Many very talented woodworkers have sent in some amazing pictures of beautiful projects that were crafted using Dado Sets and saw blades, roundover router bits, Dovetail router bits, and many other woodworking tools.  We sell what we think are pretty beautiful and amazing tools, but it really is nice to see the absolutely exquisite pieces of art that can come from the tools we sell combined with a great deal of talent, sweat, hardwork, and ofcourse wood.  Thank you for everyone who has shared.  You can see some of the amazing woodworking projects fellow woodworkers have been kind enough to share with us on our woodworks page.   We have been and will be featuring a new woodworking project every week and letting you know some of the tools that were used to create it.  If you would like to share or showcase your own woodworking projects on our Woodworks page please contact us.  If you are looking to sell your woodworking projects, you can still showcase your projects on our site, and we will add a link for customers to contact you.  We really hoped that this would be a fun way for anyone interested in woodworking to share their work and enjoy the work of others and maybe learn a little about what can be created with a little hardwork and some great tools. 


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