Tenryu Brush Cutter Blade

Tenryu GR-25536 – Brush Cutter, Carbide Tipped, Saw Blade

Tenryu GR-25536 - Brush Cutter, Carbide Tipped, Saw Blade

Tenryu GR-25536 – Brush Cutter, Carbide Tipped, Saw Blade


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Product Description

Brush Cutter saw blade 10×36 GR-25536

10” dia., 36 teeth, 1” arbor, ATB grind, 0.089” kerf, 5 degree rake.

For cutting thick brush on a gas weed whacker or trimmer.

The Brush Cutter series is a high quality line of carbide tipped blades for cutting brush, saplings and thick grasses with gas powered, brushcutter/weed trimmer machines.

Designed for professional use by land clearing teams and landscapers; these blades are LONG LASTING and FAST CUTTING. They eliminate the need for wasteful and inefficient nylon string and far outlast conventional steel blades or plastic blades.

Each blade features:

1.  Individually hammer-tensioned steel plates for true run

2.  Specially designed inserted tooth for excellent tip retention

3.  Tooth geometry and carbide hardness selected for effective cutting under high-impact conditions.

Warranty Information

Manufacturer’s Warranty and our own 100% satisfaction guarantee



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4 Responses to “Tenryu Brush Cutter Blade”

  1. Ruth says:


    I have a question on the numnber of teeth a carbide blade should have. Is more teeth better? I see blades that have 80-100 teeth and was wondering how that compares to Tenryu’s 36 teeth?

    • Admin says:

      The rule of thumb is that more teeth mean a smoother cut and fewer teeth mean a faster cut. Then you get into things like how fast you feed the material into the saw blade and how fast the saw blade is turning.

      Tenryu’s 36 tooth blade is a brush cutter blade. Typically the quality of the cut is not all that important when you are cutting brush. I have some brush cutter blades for my little handheld machine that only have three teeth on them. They sort of chew through the blackberry cane.

      Sawblades with 80 to 100 teeth are typically made for an application where cut quality is extremely important. People that cut picture frames, window blinds and similar use sawblades with a lot of teeth because they want to get an absolutely smooth, clean cut.

      It also depends which way you are cutting wood. If you are ripping wood you are cutting in the same direction that the wood fibers run. You can do very well here with fewer teeth. If you are crosscutting then you are cutting against the direction of the fibers and you need a lot more teeth to get a smooth cut.

      It also depends on what kind of a material you are cutting. Man-made materials, such as countertop materials, can easily chip while being cut so you want a special kind of saw blade with a lot of teeth.

      Then you get into how well the saw blade is made. Modern saw blade grinders are extremely accurate so you can get a very smooth cut with fewer teeth than you could even 20 years ago.

      You can only put so many teeth on a saw blade. There has to be enough space between the teeth for the gullet. The gullet collects the sawdust while it is in the cut. The gullet then dumps the sawdust as soon as it is out of the cut. The gullet has to be big enough that the sawdust does not pack in it. If the sawdust packs in the gullet it may not come out and then you get very poor cuts.

  2. Joe Cebulski says:

    How can I order two Tenryu GR-25536 blades?
    Thank you, Joe

    • admin says:

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you so much for contacting us. Unfortunately, the only way to purchase one of these blades is to buy it at a retail stores and sign a waiver. They are no longer offered online as there is not a way to verify that the waiver was signed. I would contact Tenryu directly to see if there are any retail stores that carry this blade in your area. Their number is 800-951-saws.

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