Tenryu Saw Blades for Cutting Stainless Steel

Tenryu Saw Blades for Cutting Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel cutting saw blade from Tenryu

Tenryu Saw Blade for Stainless Steel

It is a good day for the sale of Tenryu saw blades for cutting stainless steel.  Maybe there was an article or blog post about them someplace.

Tenryu makes excellent saw blades.  The saw steel in the body is more than just plain steel. It is a very carefully blended and prepared alloy with different metals added to help the toughness and the strength. The composition of the alloy is a Tenryu secret but my guess would be nickel, chrome and vanadium.  The carbide teeth on the steel cutting blade are also very special. Again it is a secret but they probably add titanium and perhaps niobium.

Making great steel and great carbide is a lot like making great chili.  Sometimes you just don’t need very much of the right ingredients.  I put about a tablespoon of salt and about 3 tablespoons of chili powder in a gallon of chili.  That’s a really small percentage but the effect is really important.

Superior steel and superior carbide are much more than just the ingredients.  It is also a matter of how good the equipment is and how good the people are. Tenryu is very careful to make sure that everything they do is superior because that is the only way to produce truly superior saw blades.

Tenryu also makes a very quiet saw blade.  All that fancy scroll work acts as a vibration dampener so the blade cuts both better and quieter.   Noise and vibration are both wasted energy.  Tenryu’s saw blades put the energy where it belongs.  The energy goes into making the cut, not into making noise. 

Those pretty scroll cuts are not cheap.  You are talking about production time on multi-million dollar lasers.   Many companies don’t use this technology because they want blades they can sell cheaply.   Tenryu won’t make or sell anything but absolutely top quality blades.   

We sell Great Saw blades from Tenryu, Popular Tools, and our ownt cusom built World’s Best Saw Blades

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