The World’s Best Saw Blade

The World’s Best Saw Blade

World's best saw blade from Carbide Processors

World's best saw blade from Carbide Processors

We build the world’s best saw blade. We build midsize, 10 and 12 inch saw blades using the very finest materials and techniques.

This is not a new idea. A couple of major saw and tool companies also started this way.  This is how Bob Budke started SystiMatic, Lowell Freeborn started Freeborn Tool and Jim Forrest, Sr. started Forrest saw blades.

We have been in the saw and tool industry since 1981. We started with a Weyerhaeuser contract.  If you do serious cutting, as in a Weyerhaeuser sawmill, precision saws are an absolute necessity. The difference of 1/1000 of an inch in the cut width or kerf can mean the difference of as much as $50,000 a year. Your saw blade better be tough because it can cost somewhere around $10,000 a minute if they have to shut the mill down.

Our contribution has been in the material science area especially metallurgy. We have developed advanced brazing techniques and advanced grades of saw tips. These technologies are very successful and large-scale, production applications. However no one was really interested in introducing these innovations into the 10 and 12 inch market.

After 30 years in the industry we knew the very best people and they knew us. We went out to find the best suppliers, the best equipment and the best people.

That is how we make the world’s best saw blade.

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  1. Henry Stulen says:

    How do you determine the optimal number of teeth for your saw blade (PS we are not a competitor). Thanks, Henry Stulen, Mgr, Forestry R&D

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