Wiha PicoFinish

With its chrome vanadium molybdenum steel blades, this screwdriver has an exceptionally long lasting tool life.  They are tough hardened and chrome plated to ensure that they will last during any job imaginable. Like all Wiha products the Wiha PicoFinish can sustain large amounts of use due to their composition. This same chrome vanadium molybdenum steel is used in building of airplanes, and subsequently is extremely durable if it has to withstand the forces subject to aviation.

These screwdrivers have been designed to fit comfortably and easily in your hand. With its ergonomic design it is intended to capitalize on the workers efficiency while remaining comfortable in the hand so as to decrease the workers exhaustion.

It is ideal for precision jobs in which movement and space are limited. With its rotating cap and rapid rotating zone this extremely comfortable screwdriver is perfect for maneuvering in tight situations. To make the use of small screws even easier the Wiha PicoFinish comes equipped with an even smaller handle that allows much more movement for the most compromising of positions. A new feature has been added to this screwdriver in that a color coded marking has been set in place to allow the user to easily identify the correct rotating cap when several of them are in use at the same time.  For those of you who work in model building and in small electrical situation these soft handled tools are without a doubt a must-have tool. They come in different sets for different jobs so that you can find the ideal fit for the project you are working on.

Wiha has over 65 years experience in the tool manufacturing industry, making them one of the leaders in quality hand tools. With their lines of professional and affordable tools you can count that you are getting your moneys worth when you purchase a Wiha product from our store.

I know that when I need a screwdriver to fix and work where small screws are present I look no further then a Wiha PicoFinish screwdriver. It is small, durable, and easy to use making it the best product out there.

Carbide Processors would be happy to sell you these screwdrivers for your projects or any other Wiha product that you need. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the tools you need at the price you want.

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