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At Carbide Processors we take pride in the tools we sell. Wiha hand tools are no exception to that rule. We sell a huge variety of tools to choose from and we are sure you can find something for your job. From screwdrivers to nut drivers and nut setters to cutters our website gives you plenty of options. We sell all of the following by Wiha:

  1. Drive-Loc V1-Screwdrivers: With over a dozen to choose from finding one for the job you are doing at a conveniently low price won’t be difficult.
  2. Insulated Tools-Safety is something that should never be compromised and when used properly these tools can help reach your maximum safety potential.
  3. Nut drivers and Nut Setters: With their easy grip handle driving and setting will no longer be a challenge.
  4. Pliers and Cutters: Designed to accommodate any type of job, these pliers and cutters will be the only kind you’ll want to buy.
  5. Precision tools: You’ll get lost in the quantity and selection, something that no shopper can complain about.
  6. SYSTEM 4 & Micro Bits: You will save a lot of money on these packs, and they are easily transportable in their carrying pouch.
  7. Hex Tools: The innovative handle is designed for the utmost grip.
  8. MagicSpring Torx: These torxs work as magically as their name says they do.
  9. TorqueControl Tools: Carbide Processors can save you money when you purchase one of these hand tools from us.
  10. Torx Tools: Simple but extremely effective.

With our enormous selection of Wiha hand tools it will be hard to stop yourself from not purchasing them all. From their easy grip handles that don’t slip, to the comfort that they sustain even after many uses, you will wonder why you have never bought some before. And if you have been purchasing this brand of tool for sometime now, you remember why you always have.

At Carbide Processors, we are proud to share with you the best of the best. Wiha has over 65 years experience in the tool industry and are a name that we proudly stand behind, and when you buy one at our store, you know you are also getting the best deal out there. When you buy Wiha hand tools you really are purchasing the very finest.
With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the products you need for the price you want.

Visit Carbide Processors online and we will be happy to assist you!

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