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With their Arc Flash protection technology Wiha Insulated Tools protects users from injury due to high amounts of heat that are sometimes present in the work space. An Arc Flash is an electrical explosion that can reach temperatures of up 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That is roughly four times the temperature on the surface of the sun.  These electrical explosions can occur when an electrical current is short circuited through the air. This usually happens when tools are not properly insulated and voltages of 120 watts or more moves to the ground or to another un insulated piece of equipment. So how do Wiha Insulated Tools protect its users from this potentially devastating explosion?

Many Arc Flash explosions can be preventable and one of those ways is my using the proper equipment. Wiha Insulated tools are designed so that their products will comply with a series of Arc Flash Compliance Standards. By properly adhering to these standards Wiha products greatly diminish the likelihood of an Arc Flash occurrence. There are several standards that Wiha Insulated Tools uses when manufacturing their products, they comply with the following standard:

1)      The OSHA Standards requires the use of safe equipment when an electrical hazard could be present. This standard suggests that all employers make their equipment safe for their employees. Wiha meets or exceeds this standard of safety every time.

When using tools, safety is one of the most important factors that a company or person should keep in mind. Wiha Insulated Tools can bring you peace of mind because you know that Wiha tools are of the utmost quality and have been one of the leaders in tools for over 65 years. Wiha has hundreds of insulated tools to choose from that will be well equipped for any job in the work place.

Wiha is a company that Carbide Processors is proud to sell. If safety is important to you and your workers then look no further then Wiha Insulated Tools to protect you from dangerous work place hazards.

Carbide Processors will be happy to sell you any Wiha tools for any projects necessary. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the tools you need at the prices you want.

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