Wiha Screwdriver

These may be the best screwdrivers in the world!

Written by Tom Walz

It starts with premium, void free steel.  The steel is heat treated and tempered to provide a tool that is both strong and tough.  It is strong enough that it will not bend in normal use.  It actually takes a huge amount of abuse to bend a Wiha screwdriver.  They are tough enough that they will not snap in any kind of normal use.   Again it takes a huge amount of abuse to snap one of these tools.  You will not bend or snap one without the use of a big cheater bar.

The tips are ground and they are precision ground.  This gives you the best possible fit in the screw slot.  The precision grinding of  a Wiha screwdriver greatly aids in a solid, controlled application of force between your hand and the screw head.  Unlike cheap screwdrivers, these quality tools are much less likely to slip out of the slot.  This prevents damage to your hands.  If you are doing something like fine woodworking it also prevents damage to the wood caused by a slipping screwdriver.  If you have to crawl under, behind or through something you will really appreciate the way the these drivers fit into the screw head.

If you include all the sizes and shapes then there may be as many as a hundred or more different available handles.   Each and every handle is ergonomically designed. Ergonomics is a word that is abused a great deal.  Here it specifically refers to how your hand matches the tool. A Wiha screwdriver is designed to get all the force possible from your hand, wrist, arm and upper body into the work being done.   This gives you much better control over the process and means that you get the work done with less effort.

These drivers are made by people who love tools.  After Wiha designs a screwdriver the testing and redesign never stops.  There is a constant attention to detail and an ongoing process of product improvement.  The same engineer who designs a tool will use that tool himself on weekends.   He will crawl under an antique car and free a rusted screw with it just as you will.  If he sees any way to make it better he will come into work on Monday and start working on it. It is this ongoing involvement with tools on a professional level and a personal level that makes these screwdrivers the best quality screwdrivers in the world.

When I was growing up and then starting the business I couldn’t afford really good tools.  I didn’t even know how good tools could get.  My screwdrivers were 5 for a dollar specials from the bargain bin at Sears.  Now I really get a great deal of pleasure from having excellent tools, the right tools and having them readily to hand.  I just love the feel of a good tool.

We will be happy to sell you a single tool or every tool Wiha makes.   You can always add to a set and replacement parts are always available.

All Wiha tools are fully guaranteed by Wiha and you also get the Carbide Processors 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Try one today.

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