Wiha System 4

There are many reasons why the Wiha System 4 sets are extraordinary. Here are simply a few; with Safe Dissipative Handles they obtain a surface resistance of 106 -109 ohms. An OHM is essentially the SI unit of measurement for electrical impedance. One OHM is the opposing force among two points when a constant potential difference of one volt is present. Once that volt has been applied to the two points, it produces one current of ampere. Ampere is the SI unit of measurement for an electrical current. Having these safe dissipative handles is important to worker safety.

The handle allows adjustable lengths (15mm to 95mm / .6″ to 3.75″), which is extremely beneficial when trying to reach into tough areas where you would rather not expose your hands to anything harmful. A narrow profile handle for maneuverability in tight locations also coincides with the adjustable length to fit into tight and cramped places. The collar lock design on the this system gets rid of blades that do not fit properly. Exact fit tops, precise rotating, and a durable steel that is of the highest quality are some of the reasons why you’d be crazy not to buy a Wiha System 4.

We at Carbide Processors offer steel box sets and canvas pouch sets. Each extremely low priced for customer satisfaction. The canvas pouch sets run anywhere from $26.00 to $99.00, prices that you won’t see anywhere else. Our steel box sets are my favorite, and although the selection is not varied, we are positive you will be satisfied with whatever Wiha System 4 you purchase.

Wiha has been selling quality tools for over 65 years and we at Carbide Processors are extremely pleased to be working and sharing with you this wonderful product. With over 50 countries selling Wiha products, you know that when you buy one you are experiencing something that has been a long standing tradition in many parts of the world. This tradition is that all of the Wiha brand tools are of exceptional quality.

We are confident that you will be happy with any tools that you choose to buy whether it be an individual tool or our steel and canvas sets.

With Carbide Processors 100% satisfaction guarantee you can sure that you are getting the products you need for the price you want.

Visit Carbide Processors online today and we will be happy to assist you!

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