Wiha Wrenches

We sell only the best wrenches and quite a large number of them too. Box wrenches, combination wrenches, insulated adjustable wrenches, open end wrenches, and soft grip wrenches are just some of the Wiha wrenches. If the quality doesn’t get you going, then our prices surely will.

All the wrenches are forged with 31CRV3 high performance forged tool steel.  By complying with the OSHA safety standards for insulated tools, I know that I am buying a safe product. Not only are they safe but by using an adjustable wrench I can get the same job done with one wrench instead of several.

If comfort is a huge factor in your decision to buy Wiha wrenches, then the SoftGrip combination wrench is the best decision for you. With the same high performance forged steel, precision has been formed for an exact fit. These small, durable quality wrenches are easy to take anywhere and will leave your hand free of surface exhaustion that might occur due to heavy use.

With many options to choose from and prices that you can’t deny, it would be silly for you to buy any other wrenches than the Wiha brand at any other store besides Carbide Processors.

A German company, Wiha supplies to over 50 countries throughout the world. No small testament to the perfection put in to each and every tool design. When you shop at Carbide Processors you know that you are getting the absolute best for a phenomenal price.

Here are some customer reviews of the Wiha Wrenches:

“I had to order this wrench for a bicycle rack installation. It works perfectly. Seems of high quality and will last longer than me or until I lose it” J. Weiner, Chicago IL.

“We needed this wrench. It took longer to get it than it did to use this product. I am glad we found a place to buy this wrench. Thanks!” T. Selby, Washington State.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the products you need for the price you want!

Come visit Carbide Processors online and we will be happy to assist you.

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