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July is national eye Injury prevention month, so we thought it might be a good time to remind all of our favorite woodworkers to be safe and protect themselves from injuries.  Here are some Shop Safety Tips to keep you safe.

Always, Always wear the appropriate shop safety gear.  In 2004 the department of labor statistics reported that there were over 36,000 eye injuries alone.  This does not include the thousands of other bodily injuries that occurred both in the workplace and at home.  Wearing the right protection will significantly reduce your exposure to injuries.  Safety Glasses should be worn at all times, No exceptions.  Shops are full of dust and particles that can damage your eyes even if you are not using your equipment at the moment.  Wearing the right safety glasses for the task is equally important.  We sell Edge Eyewear Safety glasses that have a great selection of safety glasses for many different types of conditions.  They have specialized lenses that will help reflect sunlight that inhibit your ability to see your work safely.  They also have specialized lenses that resist impact and comply with ANSI standards.  There are dozens of styles so that you can choose a pair that are comfortable, and fit well. 

Wearing the appropriate attire is also very important.  Clothes should be comfortable and fit well so that there is not any loose clothing, or jewelery that can get caught in the machinery.

Use the right tool for the job and avoid using cheap tools.  Trying to get away with using cheap tools, or making due with a tool that is not intended for the job at hand is very dangerous.  You may think you are saving a few bucks by being thrifty and or resourceful, but you will probably spend much more time and money in the long run by having to replace the tools, and possibly your workpiece too.  Using cheap tools, and not using the right tool for the job will most likely result in causing damage to your project, and more importantly exposes you to injuries.  We believe in using the right tool for the job it is intended for and only using quality tools.  We have over 17,000 quality tools online, sold at discounts up to 40% off so that anyone can find the right tool for the job,  and can still afford to use quality tools.

Along with using the proper tools and using quality tools, you should always inspect your tools, machinery, and your wood.  Make sure cutting tools are sharp, and if they are not then replace them.  Inspect the materials you are cutting for any nails, screws, etc.  Using dull cutting tools, or using tools that are damaged can result in terrible and sometimes even fatal injures.

Keep your hands away from the blade.  This may seem obvious, but there are still many woodworkers that will attempt to remove waste or cutoff while the saw blade is still moving.  Even if the saw blade is turned off, keep your hands away from the blade.  It is far too easy for buttons to get bumped accidently, and can lead to devastating injuries.  Use a push stick or a piece of scrap to remove any cut-off or scrap material.

When changing Saw Blades or router bits on a power tool always unplug the machine or disconnect the electricity to the machine.  Simply turning the machine off is not enough.  As mentioned above, it is far too easy for buttons to accidently get bumped, and results can be devastating.  Take the extra minute to keep you and those working around you safe.

Make sure you are feeding your material through the tool in the opposite direction of the movement of the cutting tool.  Saw blades and router bits should always cut against the motion the material is being fed, not with it.

Lastly, Make sure you are focused and alert.  When using cutting tools and machinery  it is important for you and others around you to be alert and focused on the task at hand.  Avoid distractions, and don’t operate machinery if you are very tired, under the influence of any alcohol or drugs or medicated.  Doing this can cause you to make mistakes that can injury you and those around you. 

Safe and happy woodworking to all, and a Safe and Happy July 4th!

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