Whiteside Bits

Whiteside Bits

Whiteside machine router bits

Whiteside bits

Whiteside bits are consistently rated number one in head-to-head tests for cut quality and overall value.

The formal name is Whiteside Machine router bits and we are extremely pleased and proud to be able to sell them.

Whiteside bits and Whiteside Machine have excellent reputations and they work very hard to maintain them.  Chris Miller is the Whiteside Machine sales manager.  He is a genuinely nice person and will bend over backwards to help customers. He also guards the Whiteside Machine reputation extremely well.

Whiteside Machine got in the router bit business sort of backwards. They were a machine shop and got a contract to make bodies for router bits. The contract went bad, they were stuck with a lot of router bodies so they decided to make router bits. That is pretty much an all-American story about making lemonade out of lemons.

The fact that they started as a machine shop shows in everything they do. They take excruciating pains and work to incredibly tight tolerances in all their products which is why their products are consistently rated number one for cut quality and value.

Their expertise, organization, and precision show in everything they do. My salespeople really like selling Whiteside bits because Whiteside Machine keeps their promises 100%. If they say they’re going to ship, then they ship.  If they say the router bits will work, then the router bits work. They keep a huge inventory and respond very rapidly to all customer needs.

This also extends into things such as billing and other administrative issues.  They are just extremely well-organized and very professional in everything they do.



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