Whiteside Router Bits Quality

Whiteside Router Bits Quality

Great quality router bits for every application

Whiteside router bits repeatedly rank number one for best cut quality and best value in fine woodworking magazine’s tests.

I have spoken before about Whiteside Machine’s attention to detail and how that shows up, not only in occasional quality, but in absolutely consistent quality.

Here is a picture of a Whiteside 1014 router bit. This is a quarter inch shaft router bit with two straight, carbide flutes.  This is Whiteside Machine’s biggest selling router bit and arguably Whiteside’s simplest router bit.

Even this relatively simple design shows a huge attention to detail.  A big part of the reason that Whiteside router bits make such incredibly smooth clean cuts is that they are engineered to handle fiber springback beautifully.  If you’re not familiar with the term ‘springback’ it means just what it sounds like. No matter how good your carbide edge is you’re going to pull the fibers a bit when you’re cutting them and they will springback after they are cut.

Whiteside Machine Router Bit Quality

Whiteside Router Bit Quality

This is the picture of the working end of the router bit. You can see several features that improve performance greatly. The two shiny pieces are the carbide inserts. The darker spot on the right-hand insert is a bit of wax from the packaging. If you look at the outside edge of both inserts you can see that it is a gentle curve instead of being flat. This is sometimes called a ‘waterfall’ grind.  This is a bit harder to do than a straight grind but it really does prove cut quality.

You can see where the steel body in the middle is not simply a flat end but has two different features to it.  The white line across the middle divides the two sloping sides. You can see by the color change behind the carbide tips where the slope changes again. Both these features greatly improve cut quality.

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