Popular Tools Saw Blades

Popular Tools Saw Blades – a famous saw blade you’ve never heard of

Saw Blades from Popular Tools are truly excellent quality at incredibly good prices.

Saw blades from Popular Tools

Popular Tools Saw Blades, Truss Saw Blades

Popular tools has been in business about 10 years and for those 10 years they have focused on the industrial side of the market. Their target market has been professional level saw shops. These are people that sell sawblades, sharp and saw blades and build custom sawblades. These are the most sophisticated group of tool people in the industry.

They call on industrial customers who are large users of tools and who are large users of tool sharpening.

These professional level shops are heavily courted by saw manufacturers. Because of the volume they do, they can sell just about any saw blade they want to.  They choose to sell Popular Tools Brand saw blade.

In the following testimonials you can see that the shops choose to sell Popular Tools saw blades.

Popular Tools has developed a reputation for extremely high quality at extremely reasonable prices. Not only is there quality extremely high but their quality is extremely high every time, every blade and every application.


“For selection, quality, value and delivery, you can always count on Popular Tools”

— Randy Bolin

Owner, Global Cutting Solutions


“I am a relatively new Popular Tools’ customer despite my close proximity to their original San Antonio location. For many years, I resisted selling their blades for various reasons; however, excellent performance and customer service is why I finally chose to become a distributor.  My company sharpens many brand name blades on a weekly basis leading to my great appreciation for Popular Tools’ quality and performance in the marketplace. There is nothing I like more than to exceed my own customer’s expectations and Popular Tools helps me do that.  Thank you for being a valued supplier, you have earned my business.”

— Tim Cook

President, Cook Industrial Tool, Inc.


“We have been selling Popular Tools’ products for several years. They have a wide selection of blades with excellent quality and finish. Shipments are quick and reliable, and the personnel are knowledgeable. I would give them an overall “A” rating.”

— Michael Giza

Owner, Saw Sales & Machinery Co


“I was first introduced to Popular Tools products in 1998 and placed our first order for their double mitre saw blades.  Since then, they have been our exclusive supplier for both in-house and resale blades and we continue to be very satisfied.  Recently, I recommended Popular Tools to our members at the annual board of directors meeting due to their high quality products, fast service and great prices.”

— Jim West

Owner, Cash Moulding Sales of Alabama, WDA

Popular Tools Brand are high precision carbide tipped saws made to ISO standards for long life and fine true cutting.


800 346-8274

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