Saw Blade Quality

Solving quality problems in the tool industry

There seem to be two major problems contributing to quality issues in the tool industry.

I would classify these as lack of specifications and lack of proper measurement instruments.

A week or so ago I put up our angle chart. It has had a funny response.  We have given away a bunch of copies and people are very appreciative. A couple people told us that they meant to do something similar someday.

A much larger percentage had never thought of doing a chart like this.

Several people have asked for similar charts and data. And we’re working on those.

We’re also working on several instruments to make it much easier to actually measure angles and dimensions on saw blades.

I will certainly let you know when we have something that is proven enough that I feel like talking about it.

If you have any ideas charts, instruments, or techniques that would make it easier to inspect saw blades, router bits or any other tool then I would very much like to hear about them.

The tool industry very badly needs better information and better instruments.  Currently it seems to be the standard side dial indicator in the 1930s, Art Deco design or a $15,000, computerized, television, inspection system.

What I envision are simple gauges that allow a person to easily determine accuracy and quality on finished tools.

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Carbide Processors

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