Inspecting sawblades with a ProScope

Inspecting sawblades, router bits and other tools with a microscope.

Inspecting sawblades, router bits and other tools with a microscope


We are extremely careful about the tools we sell. Part of this is just personal preference. We really like good tools. A big part of the reason people call us is that they are looking for better tools.

Selling really high quality tools at good prices is also just a whole lot easier. We have 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are really serious about it and honor it one hundred percent.  But we really don’t like it when we have a problem.

The easiest solution to selling a lot of tools with the fewest problems is to sell nothing but high quality tools.

This means doing a huge amount of inspection before you take on a product line.

Inspecting the saw blade

Saw blade inspection copper plugs

The ProScope from Bodelin Technologies in Oregon is a great help. I don’t know what the new ones cost anymore. I upgraded to a new Pro scope HR for $190 and my old ProScope. I think they are probably not much more than that new.

I like the 30 power lends best. It just seems handiest for saw blades, router bits and other tools.

The photos on this page were all taken with my new ProScope HR and you can see the wonderful clarity.

I just think the Pro scope is a wonderfully cool, tool.  It has been incredibly handy for us. It also seems to be the most economical way to get this kind of digital pictures.

Inspecting the saw blade with the ProScope

Saw blade inspection brazing and grinding problems

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