How We Sell High Quality Tools

How We Sell High Quality Tools

Router bit with grinding problems

Router bit with bad corner

When we sell tools, we first check the company’s reputation and then we check the tools. If the company does not have a good reputation we don’t even bother to check their tools.

Over the years we have found that even companies with the best reputation may not sell tools as good as they think they do.

Here are pictures of tools I looked at this week. The top picture is the corner of a router bit. It looks like it has been dubbed during grinding. Most router bits have square corners.  A bevel, such as this, is going to degrade cut quality fairly significantly.

The other three pictures are pictures of a saw blade.  I have pointed out the problems with brazing which you can see in the picture labeled Blade B – Pic 3.  In the next picture you see the side of the saw tip and you can see that it has two distinct surfaces. This is because the side of the tip was ground at two different
Brazing problems on a saw blade

Saw blade brazing problems

angles. The lighter colored part on top is one angle and the darker part down below is the second angle.   Most, but not all, tips on the saw had the same kind of grinding. However the grinds differed from tip to tip which is also wrong.

The last picture is a picture of the copper plug in the saw blade. This is just a really sloppy fit. The other side looked better but still was not perfect.

Not only do we check out a company before we carry its products but we also have an ongoing inspection program to make sure that the products we carry are always good.

Sloppy work on a saw blade

Saw blade with poorly fitting copper plug

Saw tip groundat two different angles

Saw blade saw tip grinding problem

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