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Inspecting a Router Bit

Tweet Inspecting a Router Bit                                           First, just pick the bit up and look at it.  Does it look even and … Continue…

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The Evolution of Triton Tools

Tweet Triton Tools was founded by George Lewin in 1975 in Australia.  Frustrated with tools that didn’t cut straight or square, Lewin decided to design a tool that would perform better.  His first innovation was a bench with an upside … Continue…

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Choosing the Correct Speed for your Router Bits

Tweet Selecting the best router bit for your application is key in getting quality results, but is not enough on it’s own. Once you have the correct tool for the job, you need to use the correct speed for optimum … Continue…

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What are the best CNC router bits

Tweet I recently came across a great article in Woodshop News.  The article discussed how important tool selection and feed and speed rates are to the final router bit performance when using a CNC router.  So, how do you select … Continue…

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Whiteside Router Bit Review- #1376B

Tweet Brian Kent, a grandfather posted to sawmill creek asking for recommendations on Whiteside router bits to build a custom high-chair for his grandson. He couldn’t decide if he should buy a bowl and tray bit or a round nose core … Continue…

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Triton Precision Power Tools- Available Now*

Tweet Triton Tools Bringing your projects to life since 1976   Started in 1976, Triton Tools began in Australia at workstations and have evolved as a respected precision tool company. Triton Tools offers superior quality routers, saws, cordless power tools, and … Continue…

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American Made Router Bits

Tweet The other day Tom posted an answer to a question on the SawMill Creek website.  A gentleman asked his fellow woodworking community their opinion on  quality router bits. Like any woodworker he needed good quality at a fair price, preferably American … Continue…

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Up Cut Router Bits vs Down Cut Router Bits

Tweet There are so many options out there for router bits that it may be difficult to decide which one is the right router bit for your application.  One of the most common questions I frequently get asked is whether … Continue…

Burn Marks on Wood

Tweet       Prevent those horrible burn marks in your routed edges my using the following tips!   Keep Your Bits Clean     Get in the habit of cleaning your bits when you are finished with them. I know this … Continue…

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Southeast Tool Manufacturing Process

Tweet Making high quality router bits is not an easy, one step process.  Producing the best router bits requires an immense amount of meticulous attention to detail.  It requires the highest quality tool material, top-notch machining, and consistent testing of … Continue…

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