Tool Quality

Stainless Steel Tools

Tweet Stainless Steel Tools are important to prevent rust contamination on stainless steel parts or fasteners. Stainless steel tools have been a necessity for many industries that use stainless steel fasteners of parts.  For many years, there was not a … Continue…

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Whiteside Router Bit Progression

Tweet Whiteseide Router Bits are put to the test every year as they compete  in Fine Woodworking magazine’s “Head-to-Head” Router Bit Test against  many other popular Router Bits such as: Amana, Bosch, Eagle, Freud, Lee Valley, Porter Cable and many more.  Every Year Whiteside Router Bits … Continue…

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What Do You Get In A Quality Tool?

Tweet The question “What do you get in a quality tool” came up on a forum today.   Somebody needed a new endmill and  was looking at two different endmills.  One end mill was higher quality, but cost four times the amount … Continue…

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Carbide Tip Wear

Tweet Traditionally a machining operation ran the hardest carbide grade it could in order to get the longest tool life. If the grade started chipping or breaking then the operation backed off into a tougher grade.  A tougher grade meant … Continue…

Free Tools

Tweet Yes, we have some Free (no strings attached, actually free) tools to give away.  We had purchased several dozen ALVIN 4″ drafting triangles to send out as a free gift with orders or for a promotion.  We sent these little drafting triangles … Continue…


Steel and Carbide tools

Tweet The way tools are manufactured and the materials used in the manufacturing process have a great deal in determining the quality of the tool.  Often times, in tools made of steel or carbide there are other materials added to … Continue…

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Best Saw Blades

Tweet We are very picky about the saw blades we sell and only sell from saw blade manufacturers that make absolutely top-quality saw blades.   We do all the research so that we can bring you the best saw blades crafted … Continue…

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American Made Tools

Tweet We are proud to sell several lines of American made tools.  We beleive all of the tools we sell are top of the line, but are pretty happy when these top quality tools are manufactured right here in the … Continue…

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World’s Best Saw Blades

Tweet Are Our Saw Blades Really the Best The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people making good saw blades anymore. Part of that is due to people such as you.  If someone does produce … Continue…

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Can This 10” Saw Blade Be Saved?

Tweet Online question: Two teeth came off my “Big Box Store” saw blade. Should I keep using it? Answer It depends on how and why the teeth came off. Typically those teeth are about a C-4 grade which gives you … Continue…

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